Prima Law & Consultations Co.

“in Cooperation With”

Trowers & Hamlins International Limited

More than twenty years of experience

♦ Prima Law & Consultations Co. and Trowers & Hamlins are delighted to submit a general overview of our two law firms, the legal consultancy services that we provide and a description of our relevant experience.

♦ Together we are ideally positioned to provide the expertise and experience you require delivered with the highest levels of client care and service.

♦ Having worked together on several transactions since 2011, on November11, 2014 an exclusive Cooperation Agreement has been entered into between Prima Law & Consultations Co. and Trowers & Hamlins, acting through its affiliated company Trowers & Hamlins International Limited. The two law firms will provide local and international legal services  in and to clients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the following:

Their in-depth expertise in both the local and international markets, as will be detailed in this web site. Prima and Trowers & Hamlins have executed together several projects within and outside Saudi Arabia, and have jointly provided numerous legal consulting services in various areas in addition to litigation services which covered a number of diversified major cases.

Close relationship and mutual understanding between members of the two teams based on several joint legal consultancy undertaken over the four years from 2011 to 2014.This combination of harmony and synergy between the team of the two  firms was the impetus which stimulated the creation of this alliance which will achieve the best interest of our clients.