Prima Law is a specialized professional law firm with extensive experience and expertise in its various areas of practice, and which has uniquely succeeded to be at the heart and vanguard of its peers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the quality and efficiency of the legal and advisory services its has been providing to numerous companies and corporations in both the public and private sectors


Why Prima Law?

More than 20 years of experience

Within a short period of time, Prima Law and Consultations Co. has successfully become one of the most renowned and outstanding law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prima now possesses a work team of professionals who enjoy extensive experience and high flexibility which enable the team to deliver its services, both locally and globally, on the basis of a professional commitment to providing the highest quality of legal advice in a cost effective manner and to developing a rapid understanding of our clients’ businesses. We offer our services in Arabic and English, based on an approach to provide a business-focuse service, as follows:

Providing a blend of legal advice that combines creativity and taking into account the expected future developments.

Approach various things from a clear perspective, aiming to achieve the objectives of our clients with the highest level of required quality.

Ensure the existence of clear and effective lines of communication with our clients.

Deal with all clients information that comes to our knowledge in strict confidence and privacy.

President and Founder’s Resume

H. H. Prince Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saud Al-Kabeer


♦ PhD in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence, Excellent Grade with honors (Summa Cum Laude), College of Shariah, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University, (1421H-2001G).

♦ MA in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence, cum laude, College of Shariah, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University (1415H-1995G).

♦ BA in Islamic Jurisprudence (Shariah), College of Shariah, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University (1411H-1991G).

♦ BA in Economics, with a Very Good Grade (Magna Cum Laude), College of Commerce, King Saud University, previously Riyadh University (1393H-1973G).

Our Services

Intellectual Property Rights

The company’s services are widely used in the protection of intellectual property…Read More

Company Law & Establishment

Prima law handles all legal consultations related to all types of companies…More

E-Commerce and Information Technology

Prima law helps its clients deal with the rapid growth of e-commerce…More

Financial and Commercial Law

E-Commerce and Information Technology

Maritime and Aviation Law

The firm provides comprehensive legal advice in this area…More


The company has an unparalleled track record in public sector privatization. It has undertaken numerous projects…More

Arbitration and Reconciliation

The firm’s president and a number of its attorneys are certified and registered arbitrators in the Kingdom..More

Construction and Real Estate Development

The firm advises clients on legal matters related to all projects…More

Authentication of documents

The company provides notarization services to individuals, organizations and companies…More

Labor Law

The company handles all matters related to labor regulations backed by extensive experience…More


The firm handles litigation before all courts, including first instance courts, …More

Private Wealth & Estate/Trust Administration

The company distributes estates according to the Shari’ah regulations and takes into account all the contents of the estate…More


Governance is a specialized advisory service that aims to help companies…More

Criminal Law

The company has in-depth experience in criminal law in accordance with Islamic law…More

Our Clients

Our Experiences

Prima Law & Consultations Company possesses various and diversified experience and expertise covering different fields, as Prima Law carried out many significant and vital projects, the major of which are set below.

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