Message from Prima’s President

We are pleased to welcome you to the website of Prima Law & Consultations Office (Prima), and to have the honor to be your host and to navigate you through our website during which we will strive to highlight, first, the origins and evolution of Prima from a mere concept on paper into a tangible and concrete reality, followed by introducing the various activities carried out by Prima and the services it provides to its clients.

Undoubtedly, we are glad that you found us and that our website will be the starting point for communicating and interacting with you regarding various legal aspects of your business. We hope that we have been successful in giving prominence to the radiant face of the law practice in the Kingdom through our content and material which we have prepared in such a way that would enable our visitors to get acquainted with the legal environment in the Kingdom, and to learn about some issues of interest to both the specialized professional and the browser alike.

Dr. Abdulrahman Bin Saud Al-kabeir

President of Prima

Prima News

Awarding Review of the Saudi Labour Law Amendments Project to Prima
Prima Law has been awarded the contract of Review of the Saudi Labour Law Amendments Project for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The Project’s contract has been signed with the Ministry on May 13,2020.