Prima practice covers a wide range of legal services, including:

Financial and Commercial Law

Prima’s expertise includes the full range of financial and commercial activities, including foreign investment in the Kingdom, banking and financial transactions (including Islamic Financing), arrangement of credit facilities for projects, companies and individuals, commercial contracts such as agency and distribution agreements, franchise agreements, franchise licensing, estates liquidation and legal studies.

E-Commerce and Information Technology

Prima helps its clients to deal with the rapid growth of e-commerce in the Kingdom by negotiating and drafting contracts in areas such as website development, internet service provider licenses, software development agreements and website licenses, as well as providing advice on copyright and technology protection.


Prima has an unmatched track record in Public Sector Privatization. It has handled many of the Kingdom’s major projects in recent years, as well as formulating a number of PPP (public private partnership) contracts, such as BOT and ROT. Public sector activities also include contracts related to government tenders and procurement processes, and other administrative contracts.

Construction and Real Estate Development

Prima advises its clients on legal issues involving all types of real estate projects, such as buying, selling, developing, financing, restructuring, building, leasing and management of properties.

Private Wealth & Estate/Trust Administration

Prima undertakes distribution of estates in accordance with Islamic Shariah Law taking into consideration various elements and components of estates including assets, liquid funds or investments existing within and outside Saudi Arabia. In this field, Prima has a highly qualified and experienced team with vast expertise in distribution of estates, court proceedings, finalization and notarization of relevant deeds by notary publics and competent authorities. Through its alliances in more than 60 countries, Prima can directly supervise finalization of liquid funds procedures abroad in a highly efficient and professional manner, which appropriately protects and preserves rights of heirs.

Labor Law

Prima handles all matters in connection with Labor Laws, supported by extensive experience in drafting local and international employment contracts, employment litigation and arbitration, employer liability, employment procedures and recompense of workers.

Criminal Law

Prima has deep expertise in Islamic criminal prosecutions under Shariah law as applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of criminal law in many other jurisdictions worldwide.

Company Law

Prima carries out legal counseling related to the full range of corporate matters including those relating to offshore companies, such as formation and registration, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, restructuring, acquisition of shares, liquidation, and re-capitalization.

Initial Public Offerings

Initial Public offering (IPO) in addition to Private Placement transactions.

Intellectual Property Rights

Prima provides a wide range of services in connection with the protection of intellectual property rights of trade secrets, technology, patents, software, copyrights and trademarks.

Maritime and Aviation Law

Prima provides extensive legal consultation in this field, including transportation of oil and other commodities, protection and insurance of commercial entities and the local agents of ship owners as well as investigations and legal proceedings related to personal injuries, property damage and demurrages.

Arbitration and Reconciliation

Prima’s President and a number of its lawyers are accredited arbitrators registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Prima can also assist clients in bringing disputes to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) or other tribunals.

Legalization of Documents

Prima provides document authentication and legalization services to its clients, both individuals and companies. These services include legalization and notarization of property sale contracts, divisions of movable property, conclusion and termination of agencies, movables and immovables lease contracts, corporate memorandums and articles of association and relevant modifications, resolutions of shareholders and other authorized persons/ bodies, trademarks and trade names, patents, copyrights, property transfer contracts, personal and financial guarantees, delivery and assignment of funds.


Prima handles litigation before all courts, including Courts of First Instance, Appellate Courts, Board of Grievances and other judicial and quasi-judicial bodies. Its expertise covers disputes related to commercial transactions, both domestic and international, banking, and customs issues, as well as employment disputes and litigation before quasi-judicial and administrative bodies.