HH Prince Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saud Al-Kabier


  • PhD in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence, Excellent Grade with honors (Summa Cum Laude), College of Shariah, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University, (1421H-2001G).
  • MA in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence, cum laude, College of Shariah, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University (1415H-1995G).
  • BA in Islamic Jurisprudence (Shariah), College of Shariah, Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University (1411H-1991G).
  • BA in Economics, with a Very Good Grade (Magna Cum Laude), College of Commerce, King Saud University, previously Riyadh University (1393H-1973G).


  • 24 years of experience.
  • Held various teaching positions in Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University as demonstrator, lecturer and assistant professor (1411H- 1422H)(1991G-2002G).
  • Author of a book titled “Contemporary Guarantees”, the first legal and economic comparative study from Islamic point of view on credit facilities, letters of guarantees and documentary letters of credits, bank credits, and their characterization from Islamic jurisprudence perspective, thus combined the specialized academic study of economics and comparative Islamic jurisprudence with the practical experiences.
  • Founded many successful commercial and services companies and establishments.
  • Proprietor and founder of Prima Law & Consultations Office, 2003.

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • Accredited arbitrator, the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center.
  • Accredited arbitrator, the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration
  • Member of the Arbitrators Commission, Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia.
  • Member of the Commercial Center for Conciliation, Arbitration and Expertise, Arab-French Commercial Chamber.

Symposiums and Conferences

  • Participated in numerous business symposiums and conferences in and outside Saudi Arabia


  • Arabic and English Languages, Fluent Speaking and writing